Identification of children with invisible disabilities Workshop

Workshop for teachers on Identification of children with invisible disabilities was organised by USERC in collaboration with Anjorie Kalyan Samiti on 15 feb 2020 at Selaqui , Dehradun.

The purpose behind the conduct of this project is capacity building by way of ensuring availability of teachers in low end unaided private schools and madrassas, capable of undertaking this task.

The 1st session was conducted by Ms. Anjali Agrawal on screening and functional assessment of deaf and hard of hearing children.

The 2nd session. conducted by Dr Rashi Bhatnagar was on introduction to developmental and intellectual disabilities such as LD, ASD, ADD, ADHD and MR.

Third session was conducted jointly by Ms. Manju Singhania and Ms Anjali Bhatt on ADD, ASD,and ADHD and LD.

Handouts on screening tools were also given to all teachers
Around 34 participants teachers appreciated the program and further workshops are planned in future for better understanding of disabilities and their identification and intervention.

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