Director Message

          Science and technology have evidently played a major crucial role in almost all developmental activities and have contributed immensely in improving the Global economy. In the last couple of decades the developmental scenario due to excessive utilitarian and perhaps non-scientific approach had posed a great threat to our natural resources and environment services as well as cultural and spiritual heritages. The unprecedented climate change due to non sustainable paradigm could jeopardize the conservation of not only the natural ecosystem and sustainability of socio economic order but invariably led to destabilization of our cultural and spiritual heritage, globally.

Hence, the need of hour is to make quantum shifts in the current paradigm of progress, developmental activities and responsibility towards degradation of environment and ecological balance on planet earth.

To meet these requirements, we, on the one hand, need to educate and bring awareness among our people to be in harmony with ecological principles  and processes, while, on the  other hand we ought to progress at a faster pace in our scientific and technological approach towards developmental activities  derived on extensive research and innovations. Uttarakhand Science Education & Research Centre Dehradun (USERC) has envisioned to facilitating a true platform for amalgamating the need of developmental processes and environmental sustainability by fostering extensive programmes in science education and high end scientific research with innovations in the state of Uttarakhand