About US

Uttarakhand Science Education and Research Centre (USERC) was setup in 2005 by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Uttarakhand as an autonomous organization. It was created with the mandate to bolster scientific temperament in Uttarakhand. To this end, it has been making intensive, across-the-board efforts to support education and promote career prospects in the realms of Science and Technology. USERC is dedicated to motivating and developing academicians and students through its involvement in teaching and training students for research in science and technology, including computing. A large part of Uttarakhand consists of difficult to very difficult terrain and includes fragile ecosystems that cannot be disturbed due to ecological constraints. This has led to the state being unable to fully adopt the traditional approach for pursuing the goal of economic growth and development. Consequently, Uttarakhand lags behind many other parts of the country in the quest for growth and development. In this milieu, inculcation and nurturing of scientific temperament and technological savviness is crucial for the state being able to progress on the path of economic growth and development. USERC works towards creating the necessary infrastructure and developing meaningful programmes for the state by extensively interacting and collaborating with national and international institutions and experts. The Centre is developing a synergetic network with many academic institutions located in the state and outside. It is also conducts various outreach programmes and co-curricular activities for reaching out to the community, all across the state.


Our Vision

  • Promotion of advance Science Education and Research in Uttrakhand State in collaboration with various National and International Institutes, Universities, Departments, and NGOs.
  • Infrastructure development related to promote Science Education and Research in the State.
  • Support Scientific National and development activities in the form of R&D project.
  • Organize and facilitate National and International workshop on contemporary topic in Science & Technology.
  • Awareness lecture and brainstorming on topic issues by renowned scientists and Nobel laureates to motivate scientific talent in the State.

Our Mission

The mission of USERC is to develop an advance centre of Research, Teaching, Training, and Knowledge dissemination (including funding) in different disciplines of Science and Technology so as to achieve desired advancement in nurturing scientific talent in the State of Uttrrakhand.

Our Objectives

  • Frontline Research in selected areas by scientists and faculty working in the Center on full-time, honorary or visiting basis.
  • Collaborative Research with institutions, universities and other organization within the state as well as across the century and abroad.
  • Summer-winter school for graduate and post graduate student of uttrakhand on different discipline of science with the help of leading scientists, honorary Professors from Universities and Research Centers across india and abroad
  • Visitors Programme to provide facilities to visiting scholars and faculty from all over india and abroad to carry out advanced research and to participate in education and research activities of the center
  • Special Shot-term Courses and lecture by eminent scientists for updating the knowledge of scientific community and students for promotion of research and development in the state
  • Seminars/Conferences/Symposia/Workshop to arrange lectures by eminent scientists and academicians
  • Exchange of ideas and facilities at National and international forum to hold in-depth discussion on important scientists topic in areas of vital interest to scientists and other interested persons of the state
  • Facilities to young talented student to carry out research projects in different areas of science
  • Training for R&D personnel in selected frontier areas of science
  • Periodic reports, monographs and scientific papers on frontier and futuristic areas of science